Digital, modern
and creative.

Creative Director and Storyteller.

Art Director, Illustrator, Character Designer and Visual Development artist who is currently living in Spain and working with renowned influencers and celebrities such as Yes Theory, Jordan Taylor Wright, Will Smith and Charlie «Rocket» Jabaley. I also created content with renowned brands such as Headspace Studios, Mc Donalds, Coca-Cola, Blue Sky Studios and Marvel.

Everywhere with Apple.

All my work is done on the Apple iPad Pro (12.9-inch) supercharged by the Apple M1 chip that is the fastest device of its kind. It’s designed to take full advantage of next‑level performance and custom technologies like the advanced image signal processor and unified memory.

“Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures.” – Henry Ward Beecher

Always together.

«If you want to go fast, go alone; but if you want to go far, go together.»

Borja Montoro Cavero
Borja Montoro CaveroCharacter Designer at Netflix
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"Santiago's always been an amazing artist in never-stopping progression to excellence, always searching something new to learn and apply to his super appealing art. There's something in his drawings, a kind of careful and full-of-deep-love approach to humankind, so delicate, that it's special in his art. I'd absolutely recommend everyone to have a look at his stuff and i wish him all the best in his projects to come."
Rana DiOrio
Rana DiOrioAuthor of the award-winning series of children’s picture books
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"Samlo is spectacularly creative, unabashedly passionate, unwaveringly persistent, astoundingly prolific, and charmingly relatable. He dreams big, works hard, and makes magic while delighting and inspiring others to do the same."
Pedro Sardina Arthous
Pedro Sardina ArthousDirector ABC de la Náutica
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"Trabajador, detallista y lleno de vida. Sus dibujos rezuman el arte de una muy buena cultura y observándolos parece que tienen vida. No tiene límites en los trabajos que saca adelante. Y, sobre todo, es muy buena persona. Ideal para caminar a su lado en cualquier proyecto profesional"
Gastón Cedrone Dobarro
Gastón Cedrone DobarroDirector de Marketing y Tecnología
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"Santiago es una persona metódica y muy responsable. Es dinámico, proactivo, es un trabajador nato. Como ilustrador es lo mejor que he conocido, excelente y posee un don natural que cada día va mejorando y aprendiendo a controlar, pero a su vez tiene un lado profesional y de empresa que lo hace un artista diferente, con los pies en la tierra y con muchas ganas de trabajar. Es un placer trabajar con él."
Gerardo Tumini
Gerardo TuminiDirector General en Colegio Los Molinos
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"Conozco a Santiago desde antes de su ingreso a la universidad y pude comprobar su natural talento para la ilustración. Su arte abarca la posibilidad de transmitir mensajes o ideas; es capaz de entretener o reflejar cultura, como también logra mostrar profundos sentimientos con una naturalidad y belleza cautivante."
Gabriel Cedrone
Gabriel CedronePresident at ALOOH Latam
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"Santiago es un gran profesional, y más que ello, es un gran artista. He tenido la posiblidad de trabajar con él y no tengo más que mis respetos y agradecimientos por su incansable dedicación y trabajo. Su amor por el detalle y creatividad son admirables. Sumado a todo, su incomparable humor hace que el proceso de trabajo sea de una gran satisfacción. Lo recomiendo y lo contrataré las veces que tenga oportunidad."
Jordan Taylor Wright
Jordan Taylor Wright@taylorcutfilms
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"Thankful to create this piece with @willsmith for @spiesindisguise & @disney which is in theaters today! is no limit to the imagination once you truly believe. Thank you to the amazing team that helped bring this to life: @up.inspiringmotion @obfilms @tristanbartonmusic "
Sam Kolder
Sam Kolder@samkolder
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"Wow! This is so sick!! You're incredibly talented man! Don't ask what the world needs, ask what makes you come alive, because what the world needs most, is more people who come alive. Artwork by "
The Yes Theory Podcast
The Yes Theory PodcastHeadspace Studio & Yes Theory
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"In order to achieve growth, discomfort is unavoidable. So why not seek it out? Yes Theory co- founders Matt, Ammar, and Thomas are turning off the cameras and turning on the mics to reflect upon how Discomfort actually might hold the keys to meaning and happiness. The Yes Theory, Podcast shares behind-the-scenes stories and talks with expert guests to gather insights about the world at large, our place in it, and one another. Brilliant art by "
Yes Theory
Yes Theory@yestheory
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"One of our favorite things to do-when we take on a new project-is to collaborate with artists and creators that we really love. And this podcast artwork is no exception. It was created by the great - and honestly, he captured Matt's quarantine scruff just perfectly."